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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We offer multiple payment methods, each with their own benefits.


Your payment details will be encrypted through SSL-method. Together with your creditcard company we make sure the processing will be done correctly. Possibly your credit card company will ask for a 3D-Secure verification code. This is extra security for online payments done with credit cards.


KuvarsitWatch is the very first Trusted Dealer to let you pay with Bitcoins! By using this payment method you will get 5% discount on your order. Discount coupons cannot be used with this payment method. We will confirm your ordered items are in stock and will send you the bank account information within 24 hours.


For the customers who would like to make bank wire transfer, we want to let you know that we can't always accept bank wire transfer. Sometimes becasuse of the Chinese Bank's regulations we can not receive the money but we will still find a way to help you accept the money with bank wire transfe. We can give you our Turkish Bank Account Information, HongKong BAnk Account etc. Once we confirm availability of the watch in the stock we are gonna give you payment information within 24hours.


Nowadays TransferWise has been the best choice for the customer to do the transfer. It is EASY, SECURE, FAST and LOW FEE payment method besides all these we offer extra 6%OFF for this payment method. Hurry up to place your order with TransferWise. After confirming availability of the watch in the stock we are gonna give you payment information within 24hours.


For making more conveninet shopping to our customers, we can accept Western Union payment and offer 5% off again. Please choose Western Union while placing order, After confirming availability of the watch in the stock we are gonna give you payment information within 24hours.


Following payment methods are most popular and fastest methods in China. For these methods customers should be in China or should have a friend in China to make the transfer. We offer 8% discount for these payment methods. These are one of the highest discounted payment methods in our store. If you are able to use WeChat Pay Or Alipay please choose them while placing order, we will confirm availability of the watches and provide payment information within 24hours.

It is the nature of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies that all transactions are final with no method of chargeback or recourse for the sender of the funds. As such we are unable to reverse or provide refunds for any payment made through our payment system. If your purchased items are out of stock or we cannot deliver in time, we will gladly refund them to you. Simply contact our billing department and send us the transaction ID, verification code, and refund address. Refunds will be either (at our discretion):

  1. the original amount of coins received, or
  2. an amount equivalent to the USD value at the time of the transaction.

Since we do not keep any balance in our wallet so it may take some time to issue the refund, so we highly recommend you to take PayPal gift refund.Payment Methods